Medical Liability Defense Program

MLDP has assembled a team of leading medical liability legal and insurance experts to create a comprehensive program designed to be a critical resource to A4M members and medically-based practice groups. Events covered include incidents and suits alleging medical malpractice, medical practitioners facing disciplinary proceedings, HIPAA privacy allegations and data breach, sexual abuse allegations and general office liability.

Insurance coverage is now available for up to $2,000,000 to cover theft or loss of patient records, covering costs associated with a data breach to include: computer forensic costs, breach notification costs, credit monitoring service costs, third-party legal liability, cyber business interruption, payment card industry fines and more!


Recently, the A4M and other leading medical/health organizations have observed what appears to be a deliberate effort on the part of many medical boards to prevent physicians from implementing and even advocating apparently safe and beneficial new technologies by claiming that such applications are outsie the scope of accepted medical standard. Regrettably, the history of healthcare is replete with examples of good and caring doctors subjected to improper sanctions.



Operating your practice can now be done with maximum protection and peace of mind in knowing you can procure a comprehensive and meticulously designed insurance program specifically for you at very competitive annual premiums.

  • Medical Professional Liability
  • Medical Defense of Medical License – included
  • Sexual Abuse Allegations – included
  • HIPAA Privacy/Data Breach- new stand alone policy provides up to $2,000,000 in limits


One of the most challenging and disrupting issues for a physician is to have his/her license threatened by state medical boards sanctions and censorship. Often, such Boards act on the advice of "anonymous complaints" and are lodged in the absence of any proven significant adverse events relating to innovative new therapies.
   The MDLP acts to protect the integrity and professional standing of A4M through considered examination of medical and legal concerns raised both within and outside the A4M community.

MLDP Offers optional cyber liability, data breach and HIPAA violation coverage.